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Feper KR7110 7 in 1 MP3 and USB Card Reader

Feper KR7110 7 in 1 MP3 and USB Card Reader

I thought I'd introduce you all to my new tech toy. Plus I've had loads and loads of emails asking about it, and for support for it. So here the page is. It's a Feper KR7110 MP3 and USB Card Reader. So in a few words it's a really small little device that playes MP3s and also reads memory cards. Not bad for £20. Will see me fine through those long train journeys, and means I can carry presentations around on it as well. So lets answer some of the questions I've been posed by people.

Whats the sound like? Fine. It's more than acceptable for me. I can't hear any difference between it and my CD player.

Does it work as a portable hard drive? Yes. Plug it into any computer (post Win98, or Win98 with drivers) and it will detect a new portable hard drive that you can drag and drop files onto. Providing you haven't set the card in it to read only.

What cards does it support? miniSD, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, SecureDigital card, xD card.

How does it play the tracks (order wise)? It plays them in alphabetical order, regardless of what folders they are in.

Does it have a jumble / mix options for tracks? No. See previous question for playing order.

I've lost the Windows 98 (Win98) Drivers where can I get them? You don't need specific drivers to use this product any win98 drivers for a portable hard drive will enable it to work. So here are some generic drivers that should work. that should work.

Sounds great, where do I get one? They are currently available here from Ebuyer for £15.99 (£18.79 inc VAT).

General Features: USB interface 7-in-1 card reader MP3 player Plug and Play Hot swappable Play LED indicator Reader LED indicator Battery and USB powered (battery included) 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack Detachable covers

Retail Package Includes: Feper KR7110 7-in-1 USB card reader and MP3 player Stereo ear buds USB extension cable One (1) AAA battery Neck strap User Guide

Control Features: Play/Pause/Stop button Previous Track switch Next Track switch Volume Up button Volume Down button

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