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This is a very old article about a game that still remains my favourite online experience.

This has to be my favourite multiplayer game to date, it incorporates not only good game play, but the ability to play really strategic games. Also it has a rank system so the more you play the better rank you get on your Bungie (creators of Myth) account.

My screen name is: Ghost-Rider

To see how I am doing in the rankings, go to http://www.bungie.net/bin/stats.pl?player=klynton

I will (at a later date) put up some recordings of games for download. Then you can watch me take on the whole of the Myth2 order '9mm', and win. That is still is one of my greatest wins ever.

About the game

Myth is a real-time strategy game, put into a almost perfect 3D world. The object is to take on the undead who have been reanimated by Balor (though in Myth2 it is another person). The game is brilliant and with the addition of random wildlife on the landscape in myth2, the game-play just got better.

Click below to download some films of victories by me Ghost-Rider.

To view them you will have to have either Myth2 or a demo of it installed. Then merely put the file into the recordings folder. And then you can access it from the game.

This is a game against the whole of the team '9mm'

In this game it was Ghost-Rider the pride of (at that time) Dragon Keep (DK), against the whole of the team 9mm. The good bits in this film are the arguments going on. Since then I have left DK and am looking for another group.

This is the game where I first met 'Bonga-Boy'

In this game it was Ghost-Rider, Bonga-Boy and another, playing against more highly ranked opponents. Watch for the cover tactics as team members sense the others need help. Especially near the end.

Finally the legal bit. I Klynton Fowler take no responsibility for anything that happens to people's computers as a result of downloading or viewing these files. I have downloaded and played them on my computer without any problems, though no file is safe in the age that we live in. When posted these files contained no viruses, and to the best of my knowledge still do not. However if you do download software/files from the internet I suggest that you get a virus checker, as I have downloaded viruses by accident, and eventually you will too. There are many free virus checkers, just search for 'Virus Protection' in a search engine such as www.google.com, although personally I like Mcafee.