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Posted by Klynton on Jul 17, 2004 - 06:20 AM
17/07/04 So I decided to try out Star Wars Galaxies. Free 14 day trial, and after trying out asherons call 2 a few weeks back I thought 'kick ass a MMORG in the star wars universe'. So I download it 1.9GB, rather large but never mind. Install (few initial problems but soon sorted). Then set it loading....... 2 minutes later I leave to go cook some food. When I returned it had finished loading and I started playing, initial reaction was 'k00l I know all these creatures and species and it will rock'. Gave it two hours, after two hours of AC2 I had gone up numerous levels and gained lots of equipment, after 2 hours of SWG I had barely done fuck all. I was bored irritated and frustrated. I found no place to buy a better hand to hand weapon. The combat is apauling, when I double clicked to attack, my character went into his prone attack pose. He made no attempt to actually get close to the creature. I had to do this manually. After 3-4 hours it was officially binned.