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Canada Roadtrip

Posted by Klynton on Feb 06, 2006 - 03:00 PM
06/02/06 Been so long since last update I guess you all thought I'd died.... or at least you hoped so. But alas not, I have been busy, working.... then on holiday, then more holidays (well fit them in when you can) and now I'm back in the country and looking for more work.

Latest Update

Posted by Klynton on Jan 23, 2005 - 05:00 PM
23/01/05 So no progress for almost a month, where have I been? Well after new years eve and that, I've been collapsed helpless in a field just outside Manchester. But to be more accurate, working. This work thing eats up alot of time, almost removing the time required for the hard-core gaming. However I can find some time to fit it into my busy schedule.

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Klynton on Dec 25, 2004 - 12:00 PM
25/12/04 The world be covered in white gold, as far as the eye can see! And in a kitchen out of the cold, the cat went after the turkey!

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a good time. Here the cat almost spoilt everything, but we caught him in time.

I seemed to open more and more alcohol related presents as the day went on, from bottles of whiskey and 2.5 pint glasses to complete drinking games. But if was good fun.

Review Published

Posted by Klynton on Dec 06, 2004 - 04:00 PM
06/12/04 Just a quick update message about a site I found. http://theinquirer.org/?article=17469 this site contains a review I wrote about my MP3 player (the Feper KR7110). Which amused me greatly when I found it. Not sure how big or popular the site is, but it's nice to be randomly mentioned.

Almost Christmas

Posted by Klynton on Dec 03, 2004 - 08:20 AM
03/12/04 So it's almost Christmas, all my decorations have been put up, for some reason there are 4 trees, but nevermind eh? Whole family is getting together this Christmas, so will be good.

Web Host Woes...

Posted by Klynton on Nov 23, 2004 - 09:55 PM
23/11/04 Well as any anyone who has visited over the last few days will be aware, my webhost had some problems. Meaning that the hard drive that this site was stored on died a dramatic death, and they had no back-up data for the files. So over the last few days I have been reuploading the original files. Everything should be back as it should be, however if you see any dead links or differences please let me know. Also the data for the forum was lost, so I have recreated it, and am setting up an auto backup function at the moment.

New Toy

Posted by Klynton on Nov 07, 2004 - 11:05 PM
07/11/04 I have a new toy, as shown by the picture. It's a 1GB USB Flash Disk, which has some nice features, but for me it's just a large (but small) disk that I can carry around with me. Very very useful, and was rather cheap. The casing is fine, metal, the writing on the metal is slowly wearing off due to being kept with my keys and change but as long as the disk remains intact I don't care.

Read or the dog gets it

Posted by Klynton on Oct 07, 2004 - 10:35 AM
07/10/04 Well we're long overdue for an update, poor old Klynton has been busy (talking in the third person is meant to be the fashion, or so Klynton has been told), so here it is. I've been up in Newcastle for the great north run (no I didn't take part, don't be stupid) but rather went up there to see my sister compete. She did rather well. Was good fun, huge race 50'000 runners or some such stupidly large number. Some photos may go up at a later date but as I didn't take my camera with me they have been taken by me.

What else have I been upto? Well some gardening, took aload of trees in the garden down (pruned) rather than completely exhumed. Then after we'd done that the next door neighbour (new) decided to have all the trees taken out on his side, so lots of sun now.... almost to much sun.

Are you dead? Maybe.

Posted by Klynton on Aug 30, 2004 - 01:00 PM
30/08/04 So.... no update for a long time. Explanation? Been busy. Applying for jobs, going out, being lathargic, but most importantly having a 56K connection here. And of course the fact that the PC downstairs crashes about every hour and I can't be bothered to rip it to pieces to see whats wrong.

Got my graduation photos back. Will probably scan them in and add then to the pictures section at some point. Nice cheesy grin on the paid for one. Also I might try out this boots print your photo thing, although I have found no information on prices anywhere.

Another New Toy

Posted by Klynton on Jul 21, 2004 - 10:15 AM
21/07/04 Well I'm off back to rainy Manchester on Friday. Lease runs out at this house so until I get a job and vacate to a random part of the UK (or beyond?) I'll be doing something in back in the home village of Disley. Still it'll be good to get out of Hull, away to the countryside. So I guess updates will be less frequent due to the badness of the 56KB modem.

For this updates picture I thought I'd introduce you all to my new tech toy. I'll probably do a write up on it later as it is rather cool. But for now here it is. It's a Feper KR7110 MP3 and USB Card Reader (click on link for review and info). So in a few words it's a really small little device that playes MP3s and also reads memory cards. Not bad for £20. Will see me fine through those long train journeys, and means I can carry presentations around on it as well.


Posted by Klynton on Jul 17, 2004 - 06:20 AM
17/07/04 So I decided to try out Star Wars Galaxies. Free 14 day trial, and after trying out asherons call 2 a few weeks back I thought 'kick ass a MMORG in the star wars universe'. So I download it 1.9GB, rather large but never mind. Install (few initial problems but soon sorted). Then set it loading....... 2 minutes later I leave to go cook some food. When I returned it had finished loading and I started playing, initial reaction was 'k00l I know all these creatures and species and it will rock'. Gave it two hours, after two hours of AC2 I had gone up numerous levels and gained lots of equipment, after 2 hours of SWG I had barely done fuck all. I was bored irritated and frustrated. I found no place to buy a better hand to hand weapon. The combat is apauling, when I double clicked to attack, my character went into his prone attack pose. He made no attempt to actually get close to the creature. I had to do this manually. After 3-4 hours it was officially binned.

Klynton Fowler BSc

Posted by Klynton on Jul 15, 2004 - 12:30 PM
15/07/04 As you can see from the photo I have now officially graduated, and am now Mr Klynton Tate Fowler BSc. As with all graduations it was rather boring standing about for a long time watching other people and listenting to the big wigs at the university pratter on, however we got a little treat in our graduation in an honorary degree was awarded to Italian referee Pierluigi Collina. So we all got to hear his reaction and this helped alot in staving the boredom. He was very appreciative of his award, and lets all hope that after his retirement he'll move over here and referee in the Premiership.

T in the Park!

Posted by Klynton on Jul 12, 2004 - 09:00 AM
12/07/04 T in the Fucking park ! Yes it was very very good. Lots of great bands, and some amazing performances, most notably by The Strokes / Franz Ferdinand / Zutons / British Sea Power. The lead singer of Strokes was completely wasted as he tried to perform ,and had to resort to the playlist taped to the floor in front of him to remember some of the names of their own songs. Which of course added to the fun. I even found the time to buy a cheap knock off t-shirt. Dirty dirty Mancunian! I'll take some photos of it at a later date, but for now photos of the event are up on the pictures page, or click here some very good ones, some very crap ones. But hey I was holding the thing up in the air and hoping.

Quick Word

Posted by Klynton on Jul 04, 2004 - 11:45 AM
04/07/04 Quick note to say doubt I'll be updating the site much as I'm going to visit the parents for the next week. Then on to Kinross for 'T in the Park', so updates look doubtful. However when I get back I should have a shitload of photo's to add. So just hold on....... Oh actually try searching for 'Klyntion' in google, it now asks if you meant Klynton. Rock on!

Updates abound?

Posted by Klynton on Jul 03, 2004 - 07:00 PM
03/07/04 OK I've neglected this page for a while now, as after the updates the front page became a better way of keeping track of what I had been doing, so I guess I'll slowly be moving everything over to this page to match the front, so this will be more of a record of what I have done in the past. Still never mind.

Nerdy Needs

Posted by Klynton on Jul 03, 2004 - 05:50 PM
03/07/04 So right. Major thing has happened. Well in my little nerd world. One of my real life Klynton.com wants has become a reality. When searching for klynton in google.com it no longer says 'did you mean clinton?'. Success finally I have propagated to enough places on the internet that even the great bastian of information that is google now recognises my name as a proper word, and not a miss spelling. I feel so very very proud. Well anyway enough of the nerd talk, what else have I been doing? Well not alot really, I leave for home tomorrow, so updates will be a bit sparce ( 56K Connection ), but after that I head off to 'T in the Park' taking the old digital camera with me so lots of pictures should be aquired. Well providing no-one steals it.

Daemonic Mouse

Posted by Klynton on Jul 01, 2004 - 12:00 AM
01/07/04 The Daemon mouse struck again. Last night I was downstairs playing drinking games with people and generally minding my own business, when suddenly I heard a foul cry. A noise coming from the depths of the abyss. I turned round a look of horror on my face, and there it sat. Taunting, grinning, it had one of the failed competitors of our drinking game in a compromising embrace. His hands held fast by it's deadly grip. I conversed with it, crying out 'Why? Why this place? Why this time?' It merely laughed, and said if I did not release it's brethren it would kill one of ours. A mouse stuck in one of the traps downstairs. I tried to make a grab at the Daemon Mouse, but it shifted it's grip around his throat, and threatened me once more. I was a unfortunate pawn forced to do his bidding, and once I had he left with his new found army............

X-Rated Cheese

Posted by Klynton on Jun 28, 2004 - 03:25 PM
28/06/04 I went to the shops yesterday to get some food, provisions for the next week. Well yes I ended up getting some alcohol for a 'Jelly' night, probably rum jelly, vodka jelly, and might make some tequila jelly. So yes anyway I got some food, then I went to get some cheese (mature cheese is one of gods gifts to mankind, it's hard to get real blue cheese or flavoured in this country) and I see this. 'X-Rated Cheese' - For Adults Only. Heh well I bought some out of a laugh, was always going to happen and took it home to try along with some standard cream crackers. Well the verdict? Meh! Not really all that strong, I was dissapointed. The expectations from the cover of the packet were rather high, and I shouldn't have let myself be too excited about a brand new cheese experience, but well it wasn't bad. I may give it a full write up later with marks out of ten. However for now I'm busy downloading 'Asherons Call 2' demo to see if it's worth buying.


Posted by Klynton on Jun 24, 2004 - 06:20 AM
24/06/04 I wake up this morning, well OK, this afternoon. 5 Emails, nothing new I think, then I see one of them is about BattleStar Galactica. Open it '13 New episodes in production for release Jan 2005' well I'm a secure enough nerd to admit I was excited. Then I see the next article 'Vehicles / Firgures for the original series in production' well by now I'm buzzing round the house annoying all my housemates.

OK for all the die hard fans like myself, I'm not condoning all the changes in the new 3 part mini series. Yeah alot changed but to be honest the over all film was good. It upset me greatly to see Starbuck turned into a woman, but well I can't think of anyone who'd be able to compete with Dirk Benedict. Plus all this new interest might finally grant me something I've wanted for a long time, a BattleStar Galactica Space Sim like the good old days with Wing Commander. I know that 'thing' came out for the PS2 and Wank-box, but I want a REAL space sim. One that's for the PC and actually means you can use a joystick with it. What kind of game professes to be a space sim if you can't use a joystick with it.

Daemonic Mouse Escapes

Posted by Klynton on Jun 23, 2004 - 01:00 AM
So I go down this morning and what should I find in the mouse-trap but my old mouse thats currently possessed by a Daemon. I wasn't all that surprised of course as I had noticed it's absence from my desk a few days ago. I just assumed it had gone off to terrorise some other house hold. But alas no, it seems it has been running around downstairs, probably trying to get the real mice to help it to overthrow us and become the dominant species in this house. Therefore effective immediately I have instigated a zero tollerance policy on mice. All mice are to by chained to desks so as to stop a repeat of this fiasco. Hopefully our small sacrifice will save other houses from being over run by the evil mouse of doom!


Posted by Klynton on Jun 22, 2004 - 05:45 PM
22/06/04 Well well well. What have we here. Thats right, an easy to update site. Yes the wonders of SSI (server side includes) have made it easy for me to keep this bastard updated. Coupled with CSS I have a rather posh looking site. Well compared to the old one. More jobs will have to be applied to at some point. But having fun with my new boomslang at the moment. Fantastic mouse, fantastic free mousemat as well. Ordered some tickets for the ole graduation twisted as well, although I forsee being very drunk before I ever get anywhere near the club.

As you saw from the front page I'm in the middle of a war on the Daemonic mouse. Last night it escaped out of it's cage and ran off downstairs. I think it was trying to get support from the real mice that live downstairs to try and overthrow me as the ruler of the house. Fortunately it was caught in one of the mouse traps that Arthur put down. But that was a close call. Not sure what I can do to contain it now. It's learnt how to escape and it's only a metter of time until it tries to kill me. I may have to sleep with the light on from now on.........

Money Money Money

Posted by Klynton on Jun 20, 2004 - 04:30 PM
So whats been happening in Klynton.com town..... well. Not alot. Got my results, and spent all my money on graduation gown/hat and photos. More debt. Also ordered myself a nice new mouse to replace the possessed one. Luckily for me the new mouse still hasn't arrived so I'm left with a very very crap one.

Plus as I'm sure you can see I have finally gone over to css and made an easier to maintain site. The Search bar even works, hows that for fancy? Well screw you then! Google bot has been back, twice in as many days, which is odd, unless I have got a better priority or something. Who Knows, anyway suppose I'll change the rest of the site to reflect this new look. Shame as I liked the old one, but people tell me this is better, less cheap looking.

Results Arrived

Posted by Klynton on Jun 20, 2004 - 10:00 AM
20/06/04 Got a 2:2. It'll do nicely. 2:1 would have been nice (obviously) but who cares, in a few years once I've worked somewhere shit and got experience no-one will care. Bah bored that'll do until I can be bothered to type.

Results day came and went.....

Posted by Klynton on Jun 16, 2004 - 10:00 AM
16/06/04 Well results day cam and went. No results for Klynt. It seems 'First class != Next day', but never mind they should arrive tomorrow. So yes today was spent trying to turture information out of the department. Which did indeed prove futile.


Posted by Klynton on Jun 13, 2004 - 03:25 PM
13/06/04 So I said that today I would write about what happened. Well I was sitting there minding my own business starting sketches for an online comic (alright playing with the graphics tablet). When suddenly someone contacts me over yahoo messenger, asking who I am and why I'm on their list of friends. Well I answer truthfully say they contacted me a long time ago because I live in the same city, and they start to offend me. So I make a few ibes back, then they have a go at my typing speed. Well I'm sat there pen in the right hand, left hand on the keyboard alt-tabing between applications, so I decide screw it all out war. I decided to take her down.
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