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Articles: Et Tu Brutix?

Posted by Klynton on Aug 10, 2007 - 10:59 AM


I was recently sent a reactivation trial for my old EVE Online account, after much musing I decided it'd be a waste not to have a look at how it's changed in the 1.5ish years since I last played, so I reinstalled it and away I went.

Big Mistake. It has now suckered me back into the world of MMORPGs that I had bravely escaped from but 11 months ago, previously being a World of Warcraft addict, lured by it's new features and due to the economy having crashed a bit.

When I left I was a non-poor (but by no means rich) player, hunting pirates as it was pretty much that or the monotonous mining game. When I returned however the meagre amount of ISK (Currency of EVE) allowed me to almost straight away buy a nice big Brutix Battle Cruiser.

Alas poor social life I knew him well.....
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