Articles [1]: Quakenet G-Lined [2]

Posted by Klynton on Apr 22, 2004 - 06:50 PM

Updates [3]

22/04/04 Back in Hull, probably going to goto the gym today (got to keep fit). The coputer was complaining when I got back as it had no psace left on the hard drive, so many files deleted later and it was up and running. Appears that Coddy managed to ban our ISP from Quakenet IRC, and he received personal recognition which was rather an achievement.

"ISP glined due to widespread network abuse from user "Coddy" (Q account *******. Please cease your abuse. Gline expires in 1 day.."

Only a one day ban so not all that impressive for him though. Hmmm lots of cider left on the desk..... drink before gym? Could be a bad plan but neymind.

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