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Articles: Canada Roadtrip

Posted by Klynton on Feb 06, 2006 - 03:00 PM


06/02/06 Been so long since last update I guess you all thought I'd died.... or at least you hoped so. But alas not, I have been busy, working.... then on holiday, then more holidays (well fit them in when you can) and now I'm back in the country and looking for more work.
The photo is from my recent trip to Canada, great place, French Canada was not quite my scene but well the rest was amazing. Also got a semi-addiction for World of Warcraft, for which I may post a few screenshots at some point. In the pipeline should be more updates including a return to a working forum (think the ole script kiddie has had long enough to advertise his L337 sk177z with oldforumversionbreaker.exe) and possibly some more random crap. Also appologies to whomever submitted a picture for 'Gimp of the Week', I just spent 10 minutes looking through my emails and failed completely to see it. But feel free to resend and I'll try and whack it up a bit quicker.