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Posted by Klynton on May 13, 2004 - 06:50 PM

Updates [3]

13/05/04 Exams are all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneoneone My presentation went well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1oneoneone. So now to the next phase, getting this shite (er sorry site) to look better maybe learn and implement php or something, but for now booze booze and more booze. The absinthe will be rolled out at the next possible occasion. Also got to write a CV. Which will be fun.... But for now lets just relax, as if I was stressed anyway, mild stress before presentation. Google bot visited me again recently which was nice so all the cached files are midly accurate, it proved how clever it was recently when I lost a file and managed to find it cached in google. Might even add a google search bar. Although it is slowly going downhill, with all these crappy shit annoying kelkoo type sites that return the best results as they are intermediate search sites. Rant over, might have a better go on the rants and raves page, but for now Alcohol! to the booze ->

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