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Articles: Alton Towlers

Posted by Klynton on May 27, 2004 - 04:35 PM


27/05/04 Long gap...... well I was at home. Yes went home for a little reunion with the family. What did I do there, well hold on and I'll tell you (or make up aload of crap to waste your time). First I shocked and horrified myself by going and purchasing a suit. Yes posh looking Klynt seems like he might be here to stay, sadly. So pictures of that will be posted when I get round to it. Also finished of the ole CV just need to sort out two references now, which should be done by end of the week. Set up a few email accounts for people who requested them. 6MB space and lots of lovely features, will have to make a log in screen at some point, but can't be arsed for now, people can use the generic one on the host site.

Went to Alton Towers yesterday, amazing. First real rollercoaster experience, sad I know, but when I was little we never went. Well thats a lie but the last time I went was when the Black hole had just been built or was very new. So yes went on all the apparently 'scary' rides, Oblivion was a bit of a dissapointment, 30 min queue for 10 seconds worth of ride, only 5 seconds on which is the down part. Nemesis was quite good though, definately one of the best ones there, although the best would be reserved for Pinball Wizzer, if not just for the annoying voice that constantly shouts at you in the queue. Air was also very good, a nice superman feeling as we went round. Looking forward to T in the park abit more now.