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Articles: Fancy Banner Deployed

Posted by Klynton on May 31, 2004 - 04:25 AM


31/05/04 Well as you can see I've been rather busy making the site look alot better than it should. A fancy banner was created and deployed. Feel free to link to it if you want (hint hint), also hover buttons were made and deployed and make the site look alot more professional. Not on ever page yet, but on the main ones. Anyway I'll be setting up systems so it's easier to update in future.

Most of my friends pages got an update as well, so many many more photos have been added, climbing pictures are up, family pictures are up (but not linked to yet). Seem to hit top in many search engines for completely random things, which might be good or bad. Good for me, bad for other people I guess. Anyway googlebot should be due back soon. Continued typing up the ole India diary which will be put up once finished, and may scan in all the photos as well (depends how sad I feel, although as a backup it's a good thing).

Started a new project. Got some email saying I'd won $25000000 so replied, lets see what happens. Either I get the money (doubtful) or I get to embarrass the guy doing the scam. Either way you viewers will get a laugh out of it.