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Articles: Lots of Updates

Posted by Klynton on Jun 01, 2004 - 12:40 AM


01/06/04 Lots of updated stuff, the star wars subsite has had alot of attention payed to it. Added about 18 background images to the pictures section, updated all the header/footer links so they use the fancy buttons, also fixed an issue with the error404 page. Added a page for those fools not intelligent to see the link under stat counter 'http://www.klynton.com/stats.htm'.

Went down the dark dark streets of affiliate programs with regards to the starwars subsite. Klynton.com main site will never, and I repeat never, have adverts on it. I will make sure of that. The only possible thing that could make me decide otherwise, is if I can't afford hosting, but then I'd move back to my crap (but free) host anyway. So yeah digress digress, the pictures page on the subsite now has two search bars leading to pages that sell posters. They appear to be good honest sites with quality merchandise, but of course anyone has any problems and I will remove them immediately. Buy stuff, earn me money, now!

Back to reality. I went out last night, just down the local (well one of them) pub with a few mates. One who had been drinking all day after karoo finally cut him off for abusing quakenet (he should be back up later today though, so real bit affect it's gonna have 3 days without internet, oh no!). Yes this was the infamous Coddy. So no doubt the whole of quakenet will ban us all again when he returns in retribution. Back to drinking.... yes went out, had a laugh few (just 4 or 5 mind) double vodkas. Didn't really get all that drunk, but finally bought a takeout from 'Indus - The best damn pizza place in Hull'. I'm well known there now, after two years of custom.

Woke up this morning at 7:30, couldn't get back to sleep, I was in that 'completely awake' mode. So decided to do something productive. As mentioned did alot of work on the site. Was amazed that no sort of damage had been incured from previous nights alcohol, last time I went out and gunned all night on vodka (although that was triples I suppose) I woke up in a terrible state, and just lay there for about 6 hours wishing I had thrown up. Better now though.

Anyhow that'll do for today, might add more later.