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Posted by Klynton on Jun 06, 2004 - 02:20 PM

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06/06/04 Woke up this morning with that feeling. Yes you all know the one I mean. It was as if the whole body was talking to me 'Klynton, the paal now wants to leave, you best do as it commands'. So getting up quickly I went to release it. As you are probably aware a paal, phal, phaal (many different spelling that I have seen) is the next curry up from Vindaloo. And unfortunately not that much of a challenge. Anyway how did I get to the situation? Well last night it was decided trhat we should get a paal sober to see if it was any harsher, well it was but not by much. Along with 2 bottles of wine for afterwards (I do not have a drinking problem, I can stop whenever I want to, I just don't want to stop now) so yes after all that had been consumed the body was sufforing quite badly, but hey thats what student life is all about.

I've added a page of amusing computer images, and like it said on the main page they're in the pictures section. Check em out, have a laugh. Also need more people to start pissing about with the forum, but as the google bot aint come back for ages now I'll have to wait I guess.

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