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Posted by Klynton on Jun 13, 2004 - 03:25 PM

Updates [3]

13/06/04 So I said that today I would write about what happened. Well I was sitting there minding my own business starting sketches for an online comic (alright playing with the graphics tablet). When suddenly someone contacts me over yahoo messenger, asking who I am and why I'm on their list of friends. Well I answer truthfully say they contacted me a long time ago because I live in the same city, and they start to offend me. So I make a few ibes back, then they have a go at my typing speed. Well I'm sat there pen in the right hand, left hand on the keyboard alt-tabing between applications, so I decide screw it all out war. I decided to take her down.
So I started to type at a proper speed, which left her unable to answer me at any decent speed. Then she tried to insult my 'grammer'. So obviously I pissed myself laughing at that. Then she said to stop it or she would get her hacking tools out. Well having 'experimented' when I was young and foolish, I thought fuck it, so said go on then. Well after finding out she couldn't even find my IP address I continued the mockage, until the point when I went downstairs to get more beer. Where I found one of my housemates so started to tell him how a 'very lame script kiddie' was trying to 'h4x0r' us. He recognised the username as someone who had contacted him as well, so went upstairs to join in the mockage where we found out that she thought a DOS (Denial Of Service) attack was an attack that used MSDOS commands, which I suppose you could try to do with ping command, but many easier ways. The ultimate came when I found out by tracing her ip that she was on a 56k dialup account, and thought she could ping me to death. 56K Vs ADSL. Well I guess karoo is quite shit, but not that shit.

Anyway the logs are available in mIRC Jokes page for anyone that wants to read them.

Also got a nice email from some random company asking to put a link on his website. Everyone clearly wants to link to klynton.com, so I've linked back, quite a funny site, so check it out in the links section.

Results apparently come out tomorrow. So that won't be good, although I think mine get sent to the wrong address (parents house) anyway so I'l have to wait another day or so to get them. Anyway I guess tonight I will be very pissed. If for nothing else than the England - France game.

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