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Articles: Mutliple Homepages

Posted by Klynton on Jun 11, 2004 - 01:05 AM


11/06/04 Ahaha looking through the old archive of web page files, I discovered that I have 7 different index.html files. Guess many changes have been made in such a short time. Anyway I've updated the links page and added a lot of stuff. The googlebot came back which was nice so newer up to date versions on the site are cached on google. Lorra whiskey was supped last night, probably not a good idea but I feel fine this morning. Also the room smells of whiskey, which could make me alot of money if I can find some way to cheaply recreate this.

Gaming side. I've been playing 'Judge Dredd Vs Judge Death' which I will admit to enjoying, although the game has some major flaws. Think I might start a review section for all the games I've played, I did sort of start to do this a while ago but stopped due to wanting to play them more than write about them. Anyway yes probably get down to that later on today. Another game I'm playing at moment is 'Sacred' which is an RPG and is fairly enjoyable. Also going to start up on UT2K4 online again, so watch out for me.

Also new subsite. Well you know you've been drinking Fine Single malt scotch whiskey all night, but drunk, and you look though your hard drive. Find a picture of your cat and think, 'she is so trying to turn the dog on'. Well anyway that led to some quick cheap coding to give you http://provocative.pussy.klynton.com. More as well, another page added, fanmail. http://klynton.com/fanmail.htm not loads up yet, have to find most of it. And not loads has arrived, hatemail may be made soon as well

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