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Articles: Results day came and went.....

Posted by Klynton on Jun 16, 2004 - 10:00 AM


16/06/04 Well results day cam and went. No results for Klynt. It seems 'First class != Next day', but never mind they should arrive tomorrow. So yes today was spent trying to turture information out of the department. Which did indeed prove futile.
Also on a more sinister note, my mouse has been taken over by a foul daemon intent on stopping me from playing any games. His names Steve. Makes the whole computer go crazy when you move, never mind click. Fortunately being a proper nerd I had three mice plugged into the computer at the time. But means my gaming mouse will have to be replced. So stuck with the shit wireless one for moment. Why do I have three mice? Ones wireless (enough said) ones a tablet mouse (about as useful as the pen) and the other was for general use and games. Wireless exists purely for me to be lazy and lie on the bed whilst running videos.

Hmmm if results arrive tomorrow then I think I might finally get round to cleaning this dump up. The plate pile seems to have breeded once more. Anything else? Errr today has been another record breaker as far as visits to the site go. Over 200 page loads. Might get round to doing some more of the project and maybe putting some games up on it later. I'd like to put the tank sim and asteroids game up, but unless people have the right software installed they don'y run, shitty GL4Java.....