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Posted by Klynton on Jun 24, 2004 - 06:20 AM

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24/06/04 I wake up this morning, well OK, this afternoon. 5 Emails, nothing new I think, then I see one of them is about BattleStar Galactica. Open it '13 New episodes in production for release Jan 2005' well I'm a secure enough nerd to admit I was excited. Then I see the next article 'Vehicles / Firgures for the original series in production' well by now I'm buzzing round the house annoying all my housemates.

OK for all the die hard fans like myself, I'm not condoning all the changes in the new 3 part mini series. Yeah alot changed but to be honest the over all film was good. It upset me greatly to see Starbuck turned into a woman, but well I can't think of anyone who'd be able to compete with Dirk Benedict. Plus all this new interest might finally grant me something I've wanted for a long time, a BattleStar Galactica Space Sim like the good old days with Wing Commander. I know that 'thing' came out for the PS2 and Wank-box, but I want a REAL space sim. One that's for the PC and actually means you can use a joystick with it. What kind of game professes to be a space sim if you can't use a joystick with it.

Anyway rant over, you'll see I set up some more SSI to keep track of when each individual page was last updated. Super smart stuff.

Also my Boomslang [4] arrived yesterday, as you can see from the picture in the main text above.. Yes lots of games were played. Still yet to get to tgrips with the awesome '1337ness' of the mouse. But it is tons better, and I look forward to more fragging.

Cleared up my desk to make space as well. So now I have loads of arm room. Bah go on then I'll let ya have a glimpse into my world [5]. This is a picture of my desk. Well trhe main one, the one the monitors (yes plural, all true nerds will know once you've had two monitors you'll never go back) are on is still a mess, so I convenietly left it off the picture. Still looking at the picture you can see everything that was on my desk. Note the picture is a day old which is my the Daemon mouse is in it. Since then it has escaped again, and is at large in the house. So yeah 4 mice on the desk (boomslang, wireless (for lazyness on bed video watchage), Daemon mouse (I have to have it where I can see it), and graphics tablet mouse), graphics tablet and pen, camera, joystick, webcam, fancy keyboard, mini-comp, alcohol (fine scotch with ample supply of shot glasses), chip reprogrammer for printer, dice, cables.....etc very nerd stuff
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