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Posted by Klynton on Jun 28, 2004 - 03:25 PM

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28/06/04 I went to the shops yesterday to get some food, provisions for the next week. Well yes I ended up getting some alcohol for a 'Jelly' night, probably rum jelly, vodka jelly, and might make some tequila jelly. So yes anyway I got some food, then I went to get some cheese (mature cheese is one of gods gifts to mankind, it's hard to get real blue cheese or flavoured in this country) and I see this. 'X-Rated Cheese' [4] - For Adults Only. Heh well I bought some out of a laugh, was always going to happen and took it home to try along with some standard cream crackers. Well the verdict? Meh! Not really all that strong, I was dissapointed. The expectations from the cover of the packet were rather high, and I shouldn't have let myself be too excited about a brand new cheese experience, but well it wasn't bad. I may give it a full write up later with marks out of ten. However for now I'm busy downloading 'Asherons Call 2' demo to see if it's worth buying.
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