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Posted by Klynton on Jun 20, 2004 - 04:30 PM

Updates [3]

So whats been happening in Klynton.com town..... well. Not alot. Got my results, and spent all my money on graduation gown/hat and photos. More debt. Also ordered myself a nice new mouse to replace the possessed one. Luckily for me the new mouse still hasn't arrived so I'm left with a very very crap one.

Plus as I'm sure you can see I have finally gone over to css and made an easier to maintain site. The Search bar even works, hows that for fancy? Well screw you then! Google bot has been back, twice in as many days, which is odd, unless I have got a better priority or something. Who Knows, anyway suppose I'll change the rest of the site to reflect this new look. Shame as I liked the old one, but people tell me this is better, less cheap looking.
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