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Posted by Klynton on Aug 30, 2004 - 01:00 PM

Updates [3]

30/08/04 So.... no update for a long time. Explanation? Been busy. Applying for jobs, going out, being lathargic, but most importantly having a 56K connection here. And of course the fact that the PC downstairs crashes about every hour and I can't be bothered to rip it to pieces to see whats wrong.

Got my graduation photos back. Will probably scan them in and add then to the pictures section at some point. Nice cheesy grin on the paid for one. Also I might try out this boots print your photo thing, although I have found no information on prices anywhere.

Anything funny happened? Well there's been a new series on Sky One called 'Terro Alert' or some such tripe, intended to make everyone scared that they are all at risk of an imminent attack. The best part of it was the advert which I may try to get a copy of. "Ex SAS officer somebodyorother tells you how to survive a nuclear attack" and as they say this they show him pulling the mattress off his bed and putting it up against the door. Yeah that'll stop the nuke. 'Duck and cover' as well.
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