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Posted by Klynton on Jul 15, 2004 - 12:30 PM


15/07/04 As you can see from the photo I have now officially graduated, and am now Mr Klynton Tate Fowler BSc. As with all graduations it was rather boring standing about for a long time watching other people and listenting to the big wigs at the university pratter on, however we got a little treat in our graduation in an honorary degree was awarded to Italian referee Pierluigi Collina. So we all got to hear his reaction and this helped alot in staving the boredom. He was very appreciative of his award, and lets all hope that after his retirement he'll move over here and referee in the Premiership.
More photos of the graduation will be put up once I get them (mostly on the sisters camera, and a non digital one). Yesterday also saw alot of booze being put away into the ole body, the department gave out free wine so I made sure to abuse it and had about a bottle, then we went off to the Asylum Night Club, and had alot more booze, which was fun. Got official photos taken and a t-shirt to mark the day ( yes whole thing was a 'you won't be a student after today, so we're gonna grab you by the ankles and shake to see what cash we can get out' ). Thats all I can be bothered to type at moment.