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Articles: Read or the dog gets it

Posted by Klynton on Oct 07, 2004 - 10:35 AM


07/10/04 Well we're long overdue for an update, poor old Klynton has been busy (talking in the third person is meant to be the fashion, or so Klynton has been told), so here it is. I've been up in Newcastle for the great north run (no I didn't take part, don't be stupid) but rather went up there to see my sister compete. She did rather well. Was good fun, huge race 50'000 runners or some such stupidly large number. Some photos may go up at a later date but as I didn't take my camera with me they have been taken by me.

What else have I been upto? Well some gardening, took aload of trees in the garden down (pruned) rather than completely exhumed. Then after we'd done that the next door neighbour (new) decided to have all the trees taken out on his side, so lots of sun now.... almost to much sun.

As the for todays update picture, this is from an old gaming magazine I found when moving out of Hull (called Zero). And as soon as I saw that advert I knew it had to be shared with the world, can you imagine trying to get away with that nowadays? The expression on the dogs face is priceless.

I've had loads of emails about the new toy I wrote about a few months ago, mostly asking for support and where to get one, so I'll probably make a page for it with all the relavant links on it.

On a more sinister note the daemon mouse seems to have followed me back to my parents house. I caught a brief glance of him as I was going out a few nights ago. I have no idea what he's planning at the moment, but after the last stunt where he threatened to kill one of the people in our house, it's not going to be a pleasant meeting. I've positioned a camera to try and catch him in the act, maybe then the police will take me seriously and stage a seige......

Also it's the celebration of the tree wars once more so find out more here.