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Computer users are divided into three types: Novice Users - People who are afraid that simply pressing a key might break their computer. Intermediate Users - People who don't know how to fix their computer after they've just pressed a key that broke it. Expert Users - People who press the keys that break other people's computers.

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Blooming lovely

Posted by Klynton on Jun 20, 2014 - 04:39 PM
So I started attempting to grow all sorts of fun vegetables and fruits 2 months ago, I've now got all sorts of things growing...


Posted by Klynton on Apr 15, 2014 - 03:56 PM
So it's that time of year, gardening season. With my lovely fancy new garden I'm really looking forward to growing some stuff in the greenhouse and raised beds...

BT - an Infinity of waiting....

Posted by Klynton on Jul 30, 2013 - 07:01 PM
I moved into my new house last month. It's now 39 days, 4 BT engineer visits (although I guess technically 3 as one never turned up after phoning me to say he'd be there 'soon'), 29 phone calls, 4 letters to BT's managing director and many many lies and broken promises later.... and they think it might be sorted 'soon'.

Words just cannot describe how awful they are.

If anyone is considering BT Infinity do yourself a favour, see if any other company is available.

Home sweet home!

Posted by Klynton on Jun 30, 2013 - 06:43 PM
I'm now a home owner. Put an offer in on a house and it's all gone through.

Nice 3 bedroom house with drive and garden (and a vegetable 'allotment').

New Windows? 'Blue' Windows?

Posted by Klynton on Feb 28, 2013 - 05:14 PM
So no sooner had I said how useless I think the new UI for Windows 8 is on a normal PC than 'secret rumours' of Windows Blue surface....

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